Bagged & Bulk Products

Bark mulch, Compost and Top Soil we carry them all in bags for those smaller projects, or for those larger jobs we have all three in bulk as well. Stop by with your own truck or trailer and we’ll load you up….or give us a call and let us deliver it for you.

Our Bark mulch is ground to fine consistency and the color is a rich dark look. Because of the volume we move each year, we bring in loads of 80 yards at a time, this allows us to offer the same color and texture all season long. The Bark Mulch you buy at our garden center is the same we use on all our professional landscape jobs.

Our Compost is organic and supplied by the Vermont based Moo Doo Company. So if it’s a couple of bags you need or several yards of bulk, “We Do Moo” and we got you covered.

If it’s topsoil you need, maybe for a new lawn or perhaps just patching up some bare spots…..we carry finely screened loam, so you won’t be spending all your time picking out unwanted rocks and debris.

Weeds, Pests, Insects, Plant Disease…..whatever your situation calls for, we carry a wide variety of products for both prevention and control.

We are strong believers in Organic solutions for our environment, so we feel confident that you will find that we offer some of the most effective organic products available today. Along with these organic solutions we also offer other options as well.

Time for grass seeding? New lawns, repair jobs, whatever the case, we carry grass seed for all types of areas…..full sun, partial shade, premium blends as well as conservation mixes. We also carry a few options for covering up that newly placed seed. Choose from regular mulch hay, or seedless straw ,or a pelletized penn mulch with a fertilizer already mixed in.

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